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March 29th, 2011 by richard-pamela-riley

A Perfect Mother's Day Getaway!

A Mother’s Day Promise … 

A quiet, relaxing weekend away at Hodgdon Island Inn is just the ticket – all our rooms have comfortable beds, private baths and water views.We promise Mom will be pampered each morning with sumptuous gourmet breakfasts and scrumptious homemade desserts each evening …

A breakfast treat just for Mom


 … Hodgdon Island Inn also offers the best front row seats around for beautiful pink sunsets.

If shopping is on the agenda, then Boothbay Harbor is just minutes down the road and we promise MOM will find everything her heart desires from hand crafted jewelry to fine art and to the latest in fashions and home furnishings …or if a quiet romantic outing on the water is her preference, there are plenty of cruises to choose from.

Tea and flowers

Mother’s Day wouldn’t be Mother’s Day without flowers and of course, a cup of tea to relax and while the afternoon away with.  We promise Mom will find just the ticket at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens’ Tea & Tulips Spring Tea in the Kitchen Café on Saturday afternoon.

Homemade Lemon Glazed Blueberry Pound Cake


And of course, since Hodgdon Island Inn is the closest Bed and Breakfast to the gardens, we promise Mom will have time to come back, relax, maybe sip a glass of her favorite wine on the front porch overlooking the water before changing for a lovely dinner at any one of the area’s fine restaurants like Jordan’sTug Boat Inn , the Boathouse Bistro or the Damariscotta River Grille.


A Mother's Day Promise ...

We promise to help you tell Mom just how much you love her!  Call us at 1-800-314-5160 or send an e-mail to  Richard and I will be more than happy to help you plan your Mother’s Day Gift Weekend for that special lady in your life!  And don’t forget to take advantage of our “Come Stay in May in Boothbay” special:  book a two-night minimum stay at Hodgdon Island Inn anytime during the month of May and save 21% on the room of your choice.


January 30th, 2011 by richard-pamela-riley

Hodgdon Island Inn's western view.

Yet another pink Maine sunset!

It is almost 4:30PM ET here at Hodgdon Island Inn, just a mere four (4) miles northwest of Boothbay Harbor, Maine and the sun is just now getting ready to set!  I am excited because the days are getting longer. My desk faces westward and I am watching the great “golden orb “sink down behind Sawyer’s Island as I hear the clicking of the timers beginning to kick lights on throughout the house. The water is reflecting yet another pink Maine sunset tonight tinged with touches of lilac and pearl grey.  It is beautiful!  Somehow at sunset I am often reminded of my Mom. 

She was a brave, kind woman.

"My Mom"

My Mom was originally from a large town and seaport nestled at the foothills of the Dublin Mountains in Ireland called Dun Laoghaire (anglicized as Dunleary) as was her mother.  That seaside town is not much different than some of the towns around us here in mid-coast Maine:   Bath, New Harbor, Bristol, Camden, to name a few.  They were brave, kind women who never passed up an opportunity to smile and they never failed to make the best of things. Tomorrow, February 1, is an important day for the Irish – it is the traditional First Day of Spring and it is the Feast Day of St. Brigid. As you can well imagine, it was a day to look forward to growing up – special outings, special food, special breads.

February 1 feast Day of St. Brigid and traditional first day of Spring in Ireland

Barm Brack - special bread which is customary to eat on the feast day of St. Brigid.

And just who is St. Bridgid you might ask? Saint Brigid, or to be really correct Saint Brigid of Kildare, is a saint of many names: Brigid of Ireland, Brigit, Bridget, Bridgit, Bríd, Bride, Naomh Bhríde or „Mary of the Gaels“. Living from 451 to 525 (it is said).  She was an Irish nun, abbess, founder of several convents, held the rank of bishop and generally venerated as a saint. Considered as one of Ireland’s patron saints, she ranks only behind Saint Patrick himself in importance.

In Ireland, the special bread which is customary to eat on the feast day of St. Brigid as well as at Samhain, or Halloween is Barm Brack or Barm Bread. 

Traditionally, it was part of an annual fortune-telling ritual. Similar to the English ritual of hiding  tokens representing what fortune has in store for whoever discovered the prize in his or her slice of  plum pudding. Family and friends would gather to have tea and Barm Brack, with each anticipating their fortune.

The tokens baked into the Barm Brack were a pea or a thimble, a piece of cloth, a coin and a gold ring. If your slice contained the pea or the thimble, you could expect another year of being an old maid. If, on the other hand, your slice revealed the gold ring, you could expect to be married within the year. The cloth, symbolizing rags, meant poverty or bad luck in the year ahead. The coin signified fame and fortune were on the way!

Although some versions of Barm Bread or Barm Brack are leavened with yeast, beer or ale, baking powder, or baking soda, one thing that appears to be common in most forms of these breads is the preparation of the fruit. Before the raisins and other dried fruits are added to the batter or dough, they are soaked for a period in hot tea until they are plump and rehydrated. This makes them wonderfully soft inside the baked bread.

It can be eaten at breakfast or at tea time and some establishments in Ireland serve Barm Brack with every meal. My favorite recipe, as always, because I have found it to be the easiest and least time consuming, is from Angela Hynes’ book The Pleasures of Afternoon Tea.  I will add it to the recipe section of the website.

P.S. February 1st may be the “traditional” first day of spring in Ireland, but meteorologists would say that the first day of spring is actually March 20th .


January 25th, 2011 by richard-pamela-riley

Boothbay Region Land Trust

One of our favorite places

Here at Hodgdon Island Inn, Richard and I have come to claim Porter Preserve as one of our favorite places in Maine in the Boothbay Region!  No matter the time of year there is always beauty and magic to be had at Porter Preserve

Boothbay Region Land Trust's preserve on Barter's Island

There is always beauty and magic to be had

We love to meander along the trail (to be precise:  the 0.86-mile loop trail) and take in the spectacular views of the neighboring island, the water and

Well marked trail around the preserve

A peek into the "Enchanted Forest"

the “enchanted forest”, (especially at sunset, but then you know how much we love our pink Maine sunsets!). 

Porter Preserve

Pamela's favorite spot in Porter Preserve

We have also seen seals lolling around the ledges at low tide while eagles and ospreys fly overhead.  To get to Porter Preserve from Hodgdon Island Inn Bed & Breakfast just turn left out of the driveway onto Barter’s Island Road; go over the Trevett Swing Bridge; turn left onto Kimballtown Road and follow the signs to Porter Preserve as the road dead ends into the parking area for the preserve just past the cemetery (or if you’re looking for a stretch of the legs, it’s an easy walk from the inn).