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Hodgdon Island Innkeepers spot sign of spring in Freeport: “18 Days and counting till Ice Cream Season starts”

March 26th, 2011 by richard-pamela-riley

LL Bean Store Window Freeport, Maine

Today, Richard and I made a trip into Freeport with some very dear friends from “back home” (Kentucky & Ohio).  Freeport is only 45minutes away from our nine room inn on our tiny island here in Boothbay, Maine .  Our day started off with grey skies and about an inch of snow giving our friends a taste of winter 2011 in Maine, but by noon it was all gone and Mother Nature had decided to smile.  The sun was shining and Freeport was hopping.  The huge parking lots behind L.L. Bean were pretty full.  It felt like everything and everyone was waking up after a long winter’s nap.  As we came around the front of the L.L. Bean home wares building, we were stopped dead in our tracks!  People of all shapes, sizes, genders and ages were learning how to cast fly fishing rods. 

One of Pamela's favorite haunts - Bridgham And Cook LTD.

It was mesmerizing to watch, but we eventually tore ourselves away and headed for Main Street and some of our other favorite haunts like Jones of New York, Mangy Moose, Cool-as-a-Moose, Brooks Brothers, Clark’s of England, Bridgham & Cook British Importers, Sherman’s Bookstore and of course, all of the L.L. Bean stores.

In the course of all this “exercise” we got thirsty and were in the process of trying to decide how we would quench our thirst when we spotted the sign that read “18 days till ice cream season begins!”  Just think – tonight the moon will be the fullest it’s been in 21 years; tomorrow is the first official day of spring and in just two weeks and 4 days (April 1st) ice cream season will be here!  How cool is that?!

To celebrate we tried out the new coffee shop/café located on the lower level of the L.L. Bean Flagship store.  It was fun and it was good.  The coffee shop showcases Coffee by Design from Portland. This was our first time to try their products and I have to say we enjoyed our Cappuccino (Richard) and Mocha (Pamela) Frappes respectively and our friends enjoyed their Roasted Red Pepper Quiche and hot teas.

Then it was down the street to the Georgetown Pottery and Edgecomb Pottery.  I’m afraid I could spend hours in each and still not see all the beautiful shapes, glazes, art and giftware there.

We finished our Freeport adventure off with dinner at the Muddy Rudder.  There was a brand new menu to choose from and between us we sampled Panko Baked Haddock, Hanger Steak, Baked Haddock and sirloin tips accompanied by creamy mashed potatoes with a side of crisply steamed julienned beets.  It was all very good and our waitress was cheerful and attentive.  It was, as they say, the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Directions to Freeport from Hodgdon Island Inn:  turn RIGHT out of driveway onto Barter’s Island Road; make a slight LEFT onto Corey lane; turn LEFT onto ME-27 to US-1 South; turn LEFT onto US-1 South through Brunswick; take I-295 South to Freeport Exit 20.  Follow signs to Freeport and parking lots.

P.S. At the time of this posting the number of days left til ice cream season is now six!